Keller: Great fans make for great friends at ballfield

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I’ve often said that meeting new people is one of God’s gifts to me. It’s especially exciting and a blessing when that person has a positive attitude and a gentle spirit.

This past weekend, I met such a person and his family. I was at a baseball game where fans for both teams are usually into the game and more so when they have a son on the team.

St. Charles Catholic High hosted Sterlington High in a best two out of three game series. The winner will advance to the State Playoffs.

Sterlington won Friday 5-1.

As I was leaving, I noticed this gentleman with a big smile followed by his wife and his two sons. I told him that he must be glad that his team won and then jokingly said, “All your fans clapped and hollered too loud!”

He laughed.

I introduced myself and he introduced me to his wife Patrice as his two sons Trey and Dorian ran ahead. His name was Antonio Eddins and I quickly discovered that his team winning had nothing to do with his attitude and sweet spirit. As we gave each other a hug I said, “See you tomorrow for the second game!”

St. Charles won the second game 4-2. Before, during and after the game, my newfound friend Antonio kept the same smile and spirit as the day before.

His oldest son Antonio Jr. was the only black member of the team. He didn’t get to play in either game but that didn’t prevent his family from cheering their team on.

This proved to me that they were unselfish and put the team before anything else. Today, not many people are like that.

I enjoyed the games, but meeting the Eddins family was God’s gift to me. I never got to meet Antonio Jr., but Trey and Dorian knew how to talk to an adult.

Patrice was a pretty lady and as the Bible says, “When you find a wife, you’ve found a good thing,” and Antonio did. But not too many women I know have a husband such as Antonio. His son will not be voted the most valuable player on the team, but I’m sure his family was the team’s most valuable fans.

Monday, as I was finishing this article, I received a call that St. Charles had just won the third game 3-2, and will meet Menard High this weekend in a best two out of three series.


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