St. James Hospital Rehab now offering dry needling

Published 12:05 am Saturday, April 16, 2016

LUTCHER —  St. James Parish Hospital is offering expanded services through its Rehabilitation Department.

Dry Needling, a form of therapy, is now an additional tool available to qualifying patients.

Dry needling, which is often combined with physical therapy, involves gently inserting tiny needles into certain areas of the muscle known as trigger points. Dry needling, which may cause a slight ache but for many is painless, can help relax certain muscles.

St. James Parish Hospital Rehab Director Shannon Juneau, PT, recently completed extensive training in dry needling and is now certified as a Level 1 Practitioner.

“Dry needling allows us to ‘reset’ a dysfunctional muscle thus decreasing pain, stiffness and tension,” Juneau said. “We can then begin to retrain those muscles to begin working more normally and synergistically, creating improved quality and quantity of movement with less tightness. The great thing is that some of the positive effects of this treatment are seen immediately, even within one session.”

Dry needling is commonly used to aid in the treatment of back and neck pain, hamstring problems, headaches, muscular tightness, shin splints and sporting injuries. As opposed to acupuncture, which is related to the flow of energy in the body, dry needling addresses neuromuscular problems that cause pain or hinder mobility.

Patients are encouraged to discuss the possible benefits of dry needling with their physicians. For questions or to make an appointment with the Rehab Department, call 225-258-5934.