Keller: Each day presents opportunities to reach out to others

Published 12:01 am Saturday, April 9, 2016

Leaving a Bible sharing meeting last week, one of the men said, “Everyday I ask God to put someone in my path that I can be a witness to.”

“You don’t have to pray for that. He will send people daily if you are willing to share His mercy and love, realizing that His Spirit makes the difference and not you.”

It was only two days after that conversation that I was at the Shell station on Belle Terre drinking coffee with a few friends when God tested my awareness that we are surrounded by a lonely, hurting world.

An elderly lady entered the store with the help of a walker. She didn’t buy anything, but just needed to use the restroom.

When she was leaving, I said “hello” and followed her to her car. I then introduced myself and asked if she needed any help.

She told me that she lived about 70 miles from here and was on her way to visit her husband in jail about 75 miles from LaPlace.

He had been in jail for four years and still had 14 more years on his sentence.

He was serving time for a sex crime with a juvenile.

She said she made the trip every two weeks.

As she sat in her car, I prayed with her for a safe trip, a good visit and a peace that only God could give.

She cried and said, “I’m a Christian and I needed that.”

She had never stopped at the Shell station in her life.

I believe it was God’s plan for me to meet her and be a witness. I’m mature enough as a Christian to believe that the experience was good for both of us, but especially for me to see if I would respond to God’s call to reach out and be a witness to a lonely, hurting lady with not much hope.

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