Michel: Waiting, responding to challenges not always easy

Published 12:13 am Saturday, March 12, 2016

Life’s full of changes, and things changed a lot at my house now that my daughter Lauren’s workday begins a little earlier.

Because she has to be at work for 6 a.m., I am now in charge of bringing my granddaughter Adeline to the sitter in the morning and to dance class two afternoons each week.

Dropping her at the sitter on the first morning went well; bringing her to gym that afternoon, not so well.

We were on time, ready and waiting in the hallway for the class to begin. As soon as a door opened, I grabbed her hand and led her into the classroom.

I was asked to wait for her recital costume and, although I thought she already had one, I stood there with the other moms and grandmothers.

A few minutes later, Morgan (one of her sweet dance teachers), quietly took her by the hand, picked up her bag and on the way out of the room with Adeline whispered to me, “You’re in the wrong class.”

The next day, we returned for tap and ballet class. I decided beforehand that I would wait until the right door opened. Again, we were on time and ready, but this time I didn’t budge from my spot on the bench until the door to Adeline’s class opened.

Our little experience left me praying for discernment. In life, I always want to know which doors to walk through and when to wait.

I believe that deciding beforehand that I will honor God will also make it easier to respond to situations.When conflicts, temptations or decisions arise, I want to be like a … well, like a one-armed handball champion.

George Quam, who lost his arm during a childhood accident, was inducted into the Helms Handball Hall of Fame in 1959. Quam credited part of his success to the fact when the ball came to him, he didn’t have to decide which hand to use. He simply used what he had.

If I choose to use only the Word of God as my source for my responses to challenges in life, I believe I will be successful.

Life’s full of choices, and our decisions determine where we end up. Just ask Adeline.

Ronny Michel may be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.