Needed supplies available to those impacted by Tuesday’s tornado

Published 7:53 am Thursday, February 25, 2016

LAPLACE – There are numerous places in St. John the Baptist Parish to receive donations or drop off donations to help those impacted by Tuesday’s bad weather.

The National Weather Service confirmed a 130 mph EF 2 Tornado caused significant damage in LaPlace Tuesday evening. The region’s residents largely escaped serious injury, but hundreds of homes and businesses were left destroyed or damaged.

Residents should dial 911 to report any concerns and are advised to stay off of roadways as much as possible and out of severely damaged areas. St. John Officials are coordinating with Faith-Based agencies, the Red Cross, and various groups and volunteers to issue donations and supplies to assist affected residents.

Tarps, water, ice, cleaning supplies, care packages and water are available free to impacted residents.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday, or until supplies, supplies are available at:

Arcuri Center – 1020 Cambridge Dr., LaPlace

Ascension of our Lord Church – 1900 Greenwood Dr., LaPlace

LaPlace Elementary –  393 Greenwood Dr., LaPlace

Celebration Church – 3400 Hwy 51, LaPlace.

Donations of cleaning supplies, batteries, flashlights, rakes and yard equipment are encouraged at the St. John Community Center , 2900 Hwy 51, LaPlace

Parish leaders reported 4,500 customers still needed to to be restored power by 10 p.m. Wednesday, including the areas of Carrollwood, Foxwood, Riverlands, Sugar Ridge, New Era and parts of English Colony.

As a result of the extensive power outages and power line damage, St. John residents specifically in the areas from Belle Terre to Hwy 51 in LaPlace and US 61 to I-10 in LaPlace are being asked to conserve water until further notice by limiting the amount of discharge placed into the wastewater system.

Activities such as washing clothes, running dishwashers, flushing toilets, and all other activities that discharge into the collection system should be limited until further notice. Taking showers and baths are not included in the conservation measures.

The water system is not impacted and water is safe for consumption.


Debris must be separated into vegetative (organic, trees, shrubs, stumps, etc), construction & demolition (any treated wood or lumber drywall, roofing materials), white goods (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers), and household hazardous waste & e-waste (computers, televisions, etc).

Do not place debris near mail boxes, utility boxes, utility poles, water meters or fire hydrants

Do not place piles next to fences or cars.

Do not place material for pick-up under low wires or overhanging tree limbs. Debris loaders cannot maneuver the collection arm safely under low-hanging objects

Consider placing debris piles on an old sheet of plywood or other similar material to minimize damage to lawns by the debris loader.


St. John homeowners are reminded to protect themselves from contractor fraud as they rebuild.

Remember, it is important to obtain more than one estimate for repairs and to check on the qualifications and credentials of anyone working on your home.

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