Presidential Preference voting is March 5

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LAPLACE — The Presidential Preference Primary is March 5, and St. John the Baptist Parish residents who want to vote early have until Saturday to cast their ballots.

The Presidential Preference Primary is a chance for voters to let their respected political parties know the candidate they would like as their United States presidential representative.

The Presidential Preference Primary is a closed party election by the choice of the Democratic and Republican parities of Louisiana, meaning a voter can only vote for a candidate in their registered political party.

For voters registered as no party, none, other party, Green, Reform or Libertarian, they will not be eligible to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary.

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schelder’s office, in the 2012 Presidential Preference Primary there were 18,438 Democrats in St. John eligible to vote and 1,470 voted. In the same election there were 4,794 eligible Republicans and 822 voted.

For the March 5 election, there are 18,227 Democrats and 4,691 Republicans eligible to vote in St. John Parish.

Residents can also vote in the Democratic State Central Committee 56 and 81 Representatives District Office A elections. The Committee is the governing body for the Democratic Party in Louisiana and is responsible for the affairs of the Party.

The Committee elects Democratic candidates in sate and local elections, conducts the delegate selection processes to fill the Louisiana delegation to the Democratic National Conventions and Democratic Party Conference and promotes party activities at every level.

Each State House District elects two Democratic State Central Committee members, one male and one female.

Candidates for the 56 Representative are Demona Harrison and Robin Triche-Fields.

The two candidates for the 81st Representative are Cherronna Frank and Sylvia Taylor-Dunn.

Another election voters can participate in is the Democratic Parish Executive Member at Large Division B election. That committee is responsible for promoting the ideals and principals of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

Candidates for the seat include Laney Davis and Bryant Jackson. Those elected to the committees will have the position for one term or four years.