Few vandals ruining parks for all

Published 12:03 am Saturday, February 20, 2016

Let’s shine a spotlight on these morons.

More than $2 million is being used to fund new construction and upgrades at nearly a dozen St. John the Baptist Parish public parks, but vandals have slowed the progress.

Capital Projects Administrator Daron Cooper said officials anticipate completion of the project by the end of this month, but much damage has already been done.

In October, parish leaders said vulgar phrases and pictures were drawn on new play sets and in freshly poured cement. On-site construction equipment was also damaged, and staffers found one project defecated on during the cement process.

This week, Parks and Recreation Director Kerry Watkins said a rocking horse was stolen from Greenwood Park.

Watkins asked the public to take care of the things being provided for them, because it’s all for the community.

We believe the vast majority of those in the public are and will take care of the new parks equipment and amenities, but that won’t prevent a few bad apples from trying to cause trouble.

We ask anyone who knows of vandalism or suspects foul play to contact authorities immediately. We also ask the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office to share news of any suspect or arrest made concerning the park vandalism with the community so these vandals can get the response they deserve.