St. Charles cracking down on recreational vehicles

Published 12:03 am Saturday, January 2, 2016

HAHNVILLE — An increasing number of recreational vehicle complaints and traffic wrecks have prompted the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office to crack down on illegal use.

A media release this week from the Sheriff’s Office stressed to residents that unlicensed motorized vehicles are not permitted to operate on parish and state roadways or the interstate.

Unlicensed vehicles, such as four wheelers, motorized scooters, dirt bikes and go-carts are prohibited on public roads and levees through St. Charles Parish.

“The number of complaints my office has received regarding recreational vehicles on public streets continues to rise,” said Sheriff Greg Champagne, who added violators will be cited for equipment violations and will have their vehicle impounded.

“A simple rule to follow is if your vehicle doesn’t have a license plate, break tag and insurance, then it cannot be operated on public streets. Properly licensed vehicles can only be operated by a licensed driver.”

Champagne said in many cases, children driving these vehicles on public streets are doing so with the consent of parents.

“I need parents’ help in stopping these violations,” Champagne said, noting violations could result in fines against the owner of the vehicle, as well as the offender. “We will no longer issue warnings encouraging compliance. Accidents with injuries involving these vehicles have occurred in St. Charles Parish. These vehicles aren’t designed to be operated safely on public streets, they are for off road use only.”

Violators could face hundreds of dollars in fines and the expense of the vehicle’s towing and impoundment.