Looks Bright: SCC leaders praise sophomore’s work ethic

Published 12:06 am Saturday, November 28, 2015

LAPLACE — A area sophomore’s ability to balance sports, volunteer work and school has led to success in many arenas.

St. Charles Catholic High School’s Caroline Julian’s efforts are succeeding, as the sophomore has already snagged a variety of awards.

“Caroline’s hard work, passion and desire make her successful in all that she attempts,” Ty Monica said. “I wish I could put her drive into all students and players.”

Monica is a teacher and head softball coach at SCC.

Principal Andrew Cupit also sings Julian’s praises.

“Caroline excels both academically and athletically,” Cupit said. “I know she will fulfill her ambitions. She is a model student-athlete who is flying high and shining bright.”

Julian of Desterhan has been playing softball for a number of years, has participated on SCC’s team for a year and has played with traveling teams, like the Wichita Mustang Softball Academy in 2015 and the Déjà vu Gold Softball Program from 2013 to 2014. Julian was also a member for the USSSA Softball World Series Championship team in 2013.

Julian’s team won the World Series that year.

“It was awesome,” she said. “It was something we worked for all season. We knew the whole summer what our goal was and to get there and win something we had been waiting for was just a great feeling.”

Softball has a special place in Julian’s heart, because of her love of the game.

“People have certain ways that they relieve stress, and softball has always been my go-to,” she said.

“There is just something about it that I love playing it and I enjoy every second of it. I’ve been playing for seven years. I plan to play in college. I don’t know where exactly but I just want to play, no matter where that’s at.”

A college career seems natural, as Julian has already been named an All River Parishes Softball Player and All District Softball Player.

Volunteer work is also special to Julian because it’s her way to give back to the community. She helps the with St. Charles Alligator Festival, St. Charles Borromeo Feed the Homeless, St. Charles Borromeo School Fair, Jefferson Parish Relay for Life and volunteers as a teaching assistant at different schools.

“My sister was actually a teacher, and I had a few neighbors that were teachers,” Julian said. “I help teachers set up their classrooms, grade tests or help with whatever lesson plans they needed help with. I volunteered with two teachers at Ascension Of Our Lord, with my sister and also with (St. Charles Borromeo). I do it because it’s helping people and I know teachers have a lot of stress, so when I have time I like to help them with whatever they need. It also helps me with my service hours.”

With sports and volunteer work, Julian still manages to keep her grades up. The sophomore currently has a 4.57 GPA and was awarded the SCC Academic Excellence Award in 2014 and an SCC Academic Scholarship for 2015-16.

The SCC Academic Scholarship is a monetary scholarship that goes towards a student’s tuition for the next school year.

“You have to put in something to get something out,” Julian said. “The way you work for your grades is you do everything, you do your school work and you study for an A you get and A. If you study for a B, then you get a B. So just knowing that you put in hard work to get your good grades and then getting them and a scholarship off of it really makes me feel accomplished.”

— By Raquel Derganz Baker