West St. John drops second straight in loss to Kentwood

Published 1:45 am Saturday, September 26, 2015

KENTWOOD — After coming out with back-to-back wins to begin the season, the West St. John Rams (2-2) have reversed course, dropping the last two, including Friday to the Kentwood Kangaroos (2-2).

The Rams tried to keep up with the Kangaroos, but despite a valiant effort, were unable to match their foes in a 35-22 defeat.

West St. John did get off to a positive start with the first score of the night but Kentwood would answer back with three touchdowns to put the Kangaroos up 21-6 going into halftime.

West St. John head coach Brandon Walters said it was hard to keep up with the Kangaroos.

“We scored in the first quarter and they came back and scored two,” Walters said.

In the second half, the routine repeated itself after Jabari Walters caught a pass for a touchdown and added a two-point conversion for the Rams. The Kangaroos answered right back with another score.

The Rams’ final score of the night came off a Juwan Boudoin pass to Austin Alexander, but it wasn’t enough to keep West St. John in contention.

Walters said the Rams had chances to score but were unable to seize them.

“We have to execute,” Walter said. “We have to capitalize when we get the opportunity to make plays. We were in the red zone several times, we just didn’t cash in. We were making mistakes and had a few penalties that were costly in the middle of big drives and we stalled out at the goal line a couple of times, and that is not going to get it.”

On defense, things were not much different.

“We didn’t play good, sound defense this week,” Walters said. “We missed a lot of tackles. We just were’t getting off the field and getting off of blocks and doing things we do well.”

Walters said the loss should be a motivating factor for the rest of the season.

“We are looking forward to finishing out the end of the year,” Walters said. “We have a lot more football left and we are going to get ready to play. We’ve just got to right the ship and minimize our mistakes and execute. This is not West St. John football by far. We’ve just got to get better, we’ve got to work.”