Scholastic Standout: Lamore Boudoin’s education focus matches West St. John High’s mission

Published 12:15 am Saturday, September 26, 2015

EDGARD — When Vice Principal Brian Carter was asked which of his students at West St. John High School deserved recognition, without hesitation, he said Lamore Boudoin.

Boudoin, 17, is a senior at West St. John.

“Lamore Boudoin is a very intelligent young man,” Carter said. “He has a very strong drive for excellence academically, as well as athletically.”

At the last school board meeting Sept. 17, Boudoin and fellow student Nicholas Borne were selected to represent the West Bank school as panelists at the Collegiate Leadership Summit in Lancaster, Penn.

The summit selects 40 students nationwide. The CLC focuses on the post-secondary educational experience and bolsters the attendees’ leadership potential. Boudoin, along with other seniors, will participate in the three-day summit at a forum at Franklin & Marshall College.

Boudoin attributes his academic achievements to hard work, schoolwork dedication and the support of his family.

“I’ve had a 4.0 my whole high school career,” Boudoin said. “Education comes first, and sports come after that.”

Recently, Newsweek recognized West St. John as being the fifth best school in the nation, and Boudoin is proud to go to a school that has gained national recognition.

“It feels great to know that all our hard work and dedication is being recognized,” Boudoin said. “It shows that we are really working hard, we’re not just fooling around. We focus on education first.”

Out of all the classes he takes, Boudoin says math is his favorite.

“I love dealing with numbers and money,” he said.

West St. John’s mission is to have 100 percent of its students accepted into college or prepared for a technical career, and Boudoin is no exception.

“I plan to get a degree in computer engineering,” he said. “If I get accepted, I would like to go to Georgia Tech.”

Balancing four sports and keeping up his grade point average can be difficult, but with the support of his parents, Boudoin said he is able to succeed.

“My parents really push me,” he said. “They have been a major influence on me. Even if I get the slightest B, they are on my back. They see a B as average, and you want to stay above average.”

Boudoin says his parents push him because they know what he is capable of doing. For students who may struggle, Boudoin has a bit of advice.

“I would encourage people to get extra help from teachers and students,”Boudion said. “Pay attention in class to everything the teacher goes over, really focus. I encourage everyone to do their best and be the best they can be. Never give up.”

Carter said he is very proud of Boudoin and encourages him to keep up the hard work.

“His drive for perfection is awesome,” Carter said. “It’s good to see a young man have priorities. Football is good, but being able to shine in the classroom, to me, is very inspiring.

Boudoin is the son of Mary Boudoin and Ferdinand Gordon.

— By Raquel Derganz Baker