Melancon seeking St. James Parish president’s seat

Published 12:01 am Saturday, September 26, 2015

PAULINA — Garret J. Melancon Sr. announced his candidacy for the office of St. James Parish President.

Garret J. Melancon Sr.

Garret J. Melancon Sr.

He is a life-long resident of St. James Parish and he currently resides in Paulina. He is the proud father of two children, Lindsay and Garret Jr. He is the youngest son of the late J. Edgar Melancon Sr. and Priscilla Louque Melancon of Paulina.

Since the 2011 election, Melancon said he has been hearing and listening to many concerns throughout the parish and decided it was time for a change. Having never held public office, Melancon said he would bring new and innovative ideas to improve St. James Parish.

According to Melancon, he learned what it takes to run a successful business from his father, J. Edgar Melancon Sr., who was the previous owner of V & M Motors in Lutcher.

V & M Motors is now owned by Garret’s brother, Jason.

Melancon spent many years working with his father and brothers at V & M Motors before departing in 1996 to attend River Parish Technical College and pursue an interest in the industrial field.

In 1998, an opportunity arose for him to start his own business when he was offered a rental space on Second Street in Lutcher.

Instead of pursuing a career in the industrial field, Melancon decided to open his own automotive business. He has run a successful business since and in 2001, he moved his business to its current location in Paulina.

Melancon said he has excellent skills in financial planning, managing inventory and customer satisfaction, which he learned from working with his father as well as through his experience as a business owner.

Melancon contends that he is a businessman, not a politician.

Melancon’s campaign has been focused on personally meeting and listening to the concerns of the residents of St. James Parish.

He believes it is time for the voice of the parish’s people to be heard. He is in favor of term limits for elected officials.  He also favors smart business growth, not just industrial growth.

Melancon wants more public input taken into consideration and transparency in all government issues. He wants to improve the drainage and sewerage issues that exist throughout the parish. He contends there will be no unnecessary positions created during his tenure because the government is becoming too large for such a small parish.