PUBLIC RECORDS: Marriage licenses, real estate

Published 12:04 am Saturday, August 29, 2015

St. John the Baptist Parish Real Estate Transfers from July 20- Aug. 7:


1512 Ellerslie Ave., sale by Karen Carter Denham, wife of/and Wayne Anthony Denham to Emily Denham Guillory, wife of/and Brett Spencer Guillory, $142,000.

121 Jordan Court, sale by Robin Haydel Guillot, wife of/ and Mervin Guillot, Jr. to Tabitha Tamplain Alonzo, wife of/ and Danny Paul Alonzo, Jr., $79,000.

23 Sandpiper Drive, sale by Cathy Row, wife of/ and Edward P. Marcel to Clint U. Lawrence and Kala K. Klafert, $177,000.

557 Welham Loop, sale by Ernest T. Hall, III to Stephanie Tobelman Tobin, $128,000.

427 Coles Landing, sale by Helen Ordonez, wife of/and Luis E. Navarro to Aliska M. White and Corey C. Sewell, $155,000.

1213 Belle Point Blvd., sale by Juan Angel Trigueros to Kevin Rogers, $75,000.

1704 Carrollwood Drive, Donation by Anna Guckenberger Kuliner (Donor) and Brian Van Vooren (Donee) estimated property value at $70,000.

2637 Lexington Drive, sale by Maurice Simmons to Kelvin Carter, $129,900.

Lot 6 Dottie Lane, sale by Terry Joseph Rappold and Martha Aguilar Rappold to Mark A. Maier, $136,500.

2624 English Colony Drive, sale by Ranbir Rooprai Ranshi, wife of /and Rajinder S. Ranshi to Lendell Webb, Sr., $80,000.

412 Evergreen St., sale by Douglas E. Hersh and Wencit Quino Hersch to Miguel V. Lainez and Linda M. Caceres, $130,000.

1500 English Colony Drive, sale by Wendell Leon Wilson, Antoinette V. Wilson and Pennie Wilson Evans to Quintin Wilson, $54,000.

1708 Lafitte Drive, sale by Casterderal Anthony Williams, Jr. and Ashley Randel Williams to Leroy Hampton, Jr., $141,000.

100 Belle Grove Drive, sale by William Paul Gomila and Susan Millet Gomila to Terrill J. Green and Neron North-Green, $280,000.

2212 E. Canterbury Drive, sale by Tabitha M. Tamplain Alonzo, wife of/and Danny Paul Alonzo, Jr. to Karen Keim, wife of/and Charles J. McGaff, Jr., $213,000.


Lot B, Block 34 Hope Plantation, sale by Mary Ann Trosclair Oubre to James D. Johnson, $60,000.


Section 18, Township 12 South, Range 19 East, on the upper line by property of Mrs. Etienne Colincourt Folse, lower line by Mrs. Jean Fourcade, rear by Alphonse Perret and front by the Mississippi River, Donation by Alice Brignac Roussell, Dora Sylvain, Hilda R. Grant, Danny J. Roussell, Robert J. Roussellm Vernadine R. Nathan and Quentin F. Roussell (Donors) and Michael A. Roussell (Donee), cash value not listed.


Section 2, T – 12 – S, R 19 – E, sale by D & O, LLC to Capital Marine Supply Inc., $1,000.00 and other valuable consideration.

St. John

A portion of the Elias Madere Tract, said Lot is 737.50 feet from intersection of Y & M.V. Railroad and East 12th Street (and) a portion of the Elias Madere Tract, said Lot is 777.50 feet from the intersection of Y & M.V. Railroad and East 12th Street, sale by Dauphine Investments, LLC to David Noel Palmisano, $10.00 and all others goods and valuable consideration.

Lot 340 of the Lae Des Allemands Development Corporation Subdivision, sale by Melissa Bourg Hebert to Edward D. Pruitt, husband of and Sharon Wheeler Pruitt, $39,500.

Marriage Licenses filed for in St. John the Baptist Parish:


Todd Michael Parker and Meghan Marie Duhe


Larry D Denson and Elaine Theresa Bertrand


Lacardio Francis and Ashtin Alaina Fortner


Charles Ray Greenwood Jr. and Deishonda Denay Walsh


Joquan Norel Perrilloux and Terry Jean Joseph


Gary Paul Nunez Jr. and Kimberly Beth Boutwell