Improvement efforts begin on 27 St. John Parish roadways

Published 12:11 am Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LAPLACE — Twenty-seven roads are set for improvements this year as part of St. John the Baptist Parish’s 2015 Road Improvement Program.

“The 2015 list includes 27 roads with an estimated cost of $1,366, 694,” Parish Public Information Office Baileigh Rebowe Helm said, adding approximately $185,000 remains in the Public Works’ budget for in-house asphalt repairs. “Last year, the parish invested $2,446,792 into completion of 31 roads.”

Helm said concrete and sidewalk repairs are separate projects and will be funded through the Public Works’ budget and a bond issue.

Eight LaPlace streets, five Reserve streets, seven Garyville streets, one Mt. Airy street, four Edgard streets, one Lucy street and one Wallace street appear on the list.

“The Road Improvement Program was initiated to address road repairs in the older areas of the parish that have gone undone since the roads were constructed,” Parish President Natalie Robottom said. “Since 2010, more than $6 million has funded repairs to approximately 88 roads across the parish. The road repair list is generated by priority and is based on funds available, but each year money is budgeted for road repairs.”

Robottom said work on the 2015 list is scheduled to begin this month and the 2016 list is in development.

In LaPlace, Acorn Street, Balsam Street, Belle Terre Boulevard, Gardenia Street, Jay Bird Street, Finch Street and Meghan Street made the list. A new connector road between Gardenia and Camelia Loop is also planned.

Cop Drive, East 12th Street, the rear of East 15th Street, West 4th Street and West 9th Street are the targeted roads in Reserve, as is Marquez Street in Mt. Airy.

Garyville streets to make the list include Bourgeois Town, Buster Street, Esperance Street, Historic Front, Garyville Northern, Little Hope Street and Historic Main.

Jean Pierre Court in Lucy and West 13th Street in Wallace will receive improvements, as will Lapeyrolerie Lane, East 9th Street, East 13th Street and West 2nd Street in Edgard.

The list, as well as individual project costs, can found on