Keller: There are many options for unwanted babies

Published 12:05 am Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sunday, as we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day with family gatherings and honoring mothers who deserve to be honored, my thoughts and prayers go out to a mother I’ve never met.

Her name is Antwonetta Jones, age 22, of Slidell, Louisiana, who is being held in the Slidell city jail.  She is charged with second-degree murder.

The victim is her newborn baby who was discovered in a taped box in a trash compactor.

The mother had kept the pregnancy a secret from friends and family.  She gave birth to the baby known only as STO 087115 in a full bathtub.  According to a preliminary autopsy report, the 6 lb. 4 oz. baby lived four to 12 hours.

It’s been reported that with proper medical care, the healthy baby would have survived.

Monday night, Antwonetta remorsefully told her mother what she had done. Her mother immediately called the police.

After an investigation, Randy Smith, the chief of police, called the case tragic.

He said, “It is very disturbing to me that this young lady felt as though she had no other option available.”

We all know that there are many other options for unwanted babies. The problem is Antwonetta Jones evidently wasn’t aware of this. Is ignorance an excuse for murder?  No, but my heart goes out to this mother whose picture on the front page of a newspaper showed her pain.

Speaking of options — another one is having an abortion. It still terminates a life, but it’s legal and won’t make the headlines.

The baby, only a number to all involved, was known by God and that is my consolation.

As I think about the mother, I pray that she will be able to forgive herself, because I know God will if only she ask.

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