Keller: Christian parents impact many through children

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Have you ever stopped to think of all the relationships you have and that only God could have arranged certain ones?

In my case, I’m thinking of my relationship with Emile Bergeron.

Twenty-seven years ago, I was speaking at a safety meeting for Louisiana Power & Light in Reserve and Emile was one of the employees.  After the meeting, as only Emile could approach someone, he said, “You must be a Christian.”

We chatted for a few minutes, and he asked for my business card.

Ever since our first meeting, he has been an active supporter of Get High on Life.

Soon after meeting Emile, I found out his wife, Anne, gave birth to their first child, Bethany.

Over the years, they were blessed with 10 other children. I realize that many people are thinking that in today’s world, how did they manage?

I’m sure it wasn’t easy!

Anne was a stay-at-home mom, home-schooled the children and made music lessons available to each one.

She and Emile showed them how to work and accept responsibility.

Saturday, Jeanne and I attended Bethany’s wedding. She married Joshua Robinson at the First Baptist Church of Gonzales.

The pastor, Dr. James Law, officiated the ceremony.

Bethany’s ten siblings, Abigail, Rebecca, Hannah, Christina, Lydia, Chloe, Benjamin, Noah, Joseph and Jonathan, took an active part in the ceremony — a living testimony of godly parents. The pastor’s message was the best I’ve heard, and the wedding was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever attended.

Over 400 people attended the wedding and reception. When I asked who catered the function, I was told Anne and her girls, together with her church family, prepared the food, which was served by members of the church. The next day, I called Emile and said, “You and Anne did a great job!”

“I didn’t do anything. They (referring to Anne and the children) did it all,” he said.

I interrupted him, “Emile, you are the head of the family and the Bible says that a man will be known by the fruit he produces.

As Christian parents, Emile and Anne touched many people by doing an excellent job with their family. What a powerful witness to others!

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