St. Charles D.A. supports parish millages

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In an effort to increase voter turnout and encourage support for St. Charles Parish’s two millage propositions, I, District Attorney Joel Chaisson, endorse both parish millages.

As a former Councilman and State Senate President, I can speak from experience that these proposals are desperately needed and also give the parish the funding required to improve our wastewater system and build the flood protection our residents expect on both sides of the river.

With a total new cost to the average homeowner of $36 per year, these proposals are affordable and will provide St. Charles with the revenue it needs to operate, maintain and build these necessary services.

Based on my experience in the State Senate, I saw the importance of local communities being able to bring local dollars to the table when asking for state funding for flood protection projects.

It took money to get money, and I believe the flood protection proposition will give us the money we need to build and maintain a complete levee system.

As a former Councilman, I know how difficult it is to maintain and operate a wastewater department on just user fees.

This millage will give the wastewater department the funding it needs to do major capital projects and the annual additional revenue necessary to keep sewer rates reasonable.

Overall, these two proposals are for services we need and the impact to the average homeowner is reasonable.

Additionally, we must keep building and maintaining our flood protection system on both sides of the river to keep flood insurance rates low and our homes dry. Again, I urge the voters of St. Charles Parish to strongly consider the wastewater and levee propositions.