Michel: Our roles are served best by helping others

Published 12:06 am Saturday, April 25, 2015

We each had a role. Although never verbalized, the plan was understood and adhered to.

My two nieces, Mattie and Brittany, joined my daughter Monique and me for a visit to an indoor play space. We brought eight children ages 4 years to 1 month, which means we were outnumbered two to one.

The children quickly ran, walked and toddled to their favorite areas, and the moms panned out accordingly. Being the only grandmother there, I sat in a chair and handed out snacks and juice boxes.

In one area, Mattie sat on the floor to help assemble puzzles and watch the puppet show put on by Liv. Monique held baby Charlie as she watched Olivia and Adeline slide.

Brittany alternated her attention between her twins Zachary and Zoey, and kept an eye on her son Isaac as he climbed higher and higher on what looked like a multi-story maze.

Mattie was the only mother in the group to climb the maze when she had to rescue her son Carter earlier. I think that’s why she enjoyed being on the floor with the puzzles.

The kids were in constant motion, running to the next attraction that drew their attention.

From my spot at the snack table, I watched little bodies bob up and down in a bounce house. Certain I had located one of ours, I prided myself on being there to help the young mothers.

In one instant, the scene changed and the children spilled out of the bounce house and went to their separate interests. When I couldn’t find the little boy I had been watching, I located his mother.

“Brittany, I don’t see Isaac.”

“Don’t worry,” she said calmly, “he’s probably hiding somewhere.”

“What color shirt is he wearing?” Monique asked Brittany.


Oh, no, I thought, for I had been watching, then searching, for a little boy in a blue shirt.

Some might point out that locating seven of eight children, 88 percent, was still impressive, yet my goal was to leave with every child we had brought.

Isaac was quickly spotted, climbing up to the top of the tree house, and I returned to my spot at the snack table. From that vantage point, I looked out and realized the significant roles people have played in my life.

While trying to figure out a puzzling situation, I’ve always had someone sit down beside me and help to put the pieces of my life back together.

When I’ve put myself in situations I shouldn’t have, I’ve had friends come to my rescue and hold my hand until my feet were on solid ground.

Even when I was just going around doing my own thing, I know that someone was watching out and praying for me not to drift too far away.

I hope to be used by God in the same ways for others. We each have a role. What’s yours?

Ronny Michel may be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.