Keller: Reaching out for 3 minutes is perfect use of time

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Last Sunday, Pastor Paul Naylor of the First Baptist Church of LaPlace published the following in the church bulletin:



Are you a sports fan? Have you noticed how “into” the game people can get when the clock is running out? In football, they even stop the clock with two minutes remaining and call it “The 2-Minute Warning.”  Sounds scary.

The team with the ball has a two-minute drill.

Their strategy varies based upon whether or not they are winning or losing.

The winning team tries to run out the clock to secure victory, while the losing team attempts to score quickly and minimize clock time in an attempt to win the game. Both sides are trying to use time to their advantage.

I want to share with you about something called “The 3-Minute Rule.” Only this applies to our Sunday morning worship service.

When the closing prayer is said, all of us have our usual routine.

For some, it is to rush out of the building before anyone can speak to us.

For others, it is to find our relative or best friend and decide where we are eating lunch together.

For you, it is probably to find someone and talk about how awesome, dynamic and riveting the pastor’s message was. Well, OK, maybe not, but you get the idea.

We are creatures of habit and probably do the same thing every week.

I want to encourage you to alter what you do during the first three minutes after the closing prayer.

This is “The 3-Minute Rule.”  

Once the prayer is said, intentionally seek out someone who may be a guest, who may not be in a Sunday School class or who many not currently participate in our Wednesday evening prayer meeting.

It may simply be someone that you see every week, but you do not know their name and would like to introduce yourself.

Just three minutes.

That’s it.

Then you can resume complementing the pastor’s message, as usual.

OK, OK, I meant talking about lunch or sprinting to your car.  Sound like a plan?

Let’s do it!

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