First Lady writes to student about tacos

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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LAPLACE — Second grader Richard “Trip” Klibert didn’t like missing out on Taco Tuesday lunch specials at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, so he took his concerns right to the White House.

According to school officials, Trip was disappointed by some of the lunch program changes spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama aimed to make school lunches healthier.

“His main complaint is about the tortillas offered with the tacos at school,” SJA Development Director Mona Roussel said. “After Trip’s teacher, Mrs. Margaret Cerami, and his parents, Ricky and Katie Klibert, encouraged him to share his thoughts with Mrs. Obama, he wrote a letter explaining that her changes have ruined Taco Tuesday at SJA.”

Trip also shared he does not like the pizza anymore.

Trip’s parents were amazed when a letter addressed to the second grader from the White House arrived in February, Roussel said, adding his parents surprised Trip at school when his class went to the cafeteria for lunch.

The letter was opened in front of the class, and it, coming from Michelle Obama, said while she understands Trip’s concerns, the lunch changes have been in the best interest of the children because they are healthier.

Included in the letter was an autographed photo of the First Family and trading cards of the family’s dogs.

“Trip is planning to frame his letter and the accompanying photographs, and, oh yes, Trip is again enjoying Taco Tuesdays at St. Joan of Arc,” Cerami said.