Freezing temperatures expected in River Parishes

Published 3:40 pm Thursday, March 5, 2015

LAPLACE — The National Weather Service forecasts freezing temperatures falling into the lower 30s to impact St. John Parish tonight, officials said.

A Freeze Warning is expected to be issued for the area.

Residents should take freeze preparedness measures at home, including wrapping and protecting exposed pipes, protecting sensitive plants and crops and safely sheltering outdoor pets and farm animals.

Proper use of heating equipment is urged to avoid fires. Warmer temperatures are predicted for the weekend with rain chances to increase after Sunday.

St. John officials ask residents to stay tuned to local weather stations for weather updates and sign up to receive emergency notifications to a home phone, cell phone, email or SMS text messaging device by visiting the homepage of the Parish’s website at and clicking “Stay Connected.”

Safety Tips:

• Make sure there is proper ventilation for all fuel-burning equipment

• Keep fire extinguishers on hand. House fires pose an additional risk, as more people turn to alternate heating sources without taking necessary safety precautions

• Maintain contact with the elderly and those considered at risk

• Get a winter game plan! Have a fully- stocked emergency kit

• Identify neighbors and family members with special needs (extra medical care or no transportation)

• Pets and plants should be brought inside your home. Move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water