St. John Spelling Bee shows off students’ spelling skills

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, February 10, 2015

By Monique Roth

LAPLACE – W-i-n-n-e-r-s.

Spelling success was on display recently as the St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District conducted its District Spelling Bee for kindergarten through fourth grades on Jan. 28. A competition for fifth through eighth grades was held Jan. 29.

“We could not be prouder of the school winners who competed in the spelling bees,” Superintendent Kevin George said. “Students came prepared to spell, and most grade levels competed in rounds two to three grade levels above their own. We wish the best of luck to our school winners who will go on to compete at the regional competition at Xavier University in March.”

District Communications Specialist Jennifer Boquet said participants in the district’s spelling bees had to first win the spelling bee at their school to qualify for the competition.

St. John the Baptist Parish Spelling Bee winners:

Kindergarten district winners: Mya Bukaske, first place; Kaci Frank, second place; Ennis McCormick, third place. Kindergarten school-level winners included: Jaz Thompson, Zakai Moses, De’Kyra Jackson, Tatum Davis

First grade district winners: Theron Gross, first place; Kernell Narcisse, second place; Chaela Alexander, third place. First grade school-level winners included: Nhi’Yeemah Young, Malik Whitfield, Ah’Navierre Cosey, Isabella Duronslet, Amandzo Williams

Second grade district winners: Arianna Tinsley, first place; Ma’Chai Johnson, second place; Rihanna Lewis, second place; Ravon Anderson, third place.  Kobe Louis, third place; Lailah Esko, third place. Second grade school-level winners included: Kori Williams

Third grade district winners: Thomas Gross, first place; Marcus Whitfield, second place; Amari Anderson, third place. Third grade school-level winners included: Olivia Reeves, Ja’Nyjah Honore, Marcel Nelson, Cortlan Shepherd

Fourth grade district winners: Emani Payne, first place; Skylar Edwards, second place; James Deville, third place.  Fourth grade school-level winners included: Thomas Berthelot, Joann Herrera, Carlo Travis, Jose Yanes, Eric Ducote

Fifth grade district winners: Kennedi Browning, first place, Joseph McGowan, second place, Muntrail Jones, third place. Fifth grade school-level winners included: Caitlin Rebstock, Cheyenne Hidalgo, Skylar Bailey, Jace Williams and Sara Brooks

Sixth grade district winners: Amahre Johnson, first place; Daniel Coleman, second place; Jordan Coleman, third place. Sixth grade school-level winners included: Carnell Francois, Logan Bukaske, Tre’zon Martin, Gabrielle Robinson

Seventh grade district winners: Tamiyah Gross, first place; Jimmour Hilton, second place; Heaven Carr, third place. Seventh grade school-level winners included: Elsy Pena, Kaitlyn Narcisse, Lexi Sutton, Annalisa Acosta, Jenna Necaise

Eighth grade district winners: Demond Jarvis, first place; Brandon Volion, second place; Aiden Spurrier, second place; LaChelsey Francis, third place. Eighth grade school-level winners included: Kristen Armant, Kash’mir Foley, Khalin Hart