Science takes hold for St. Peter Chanel students

Published 11:45 pm Friday, January 16, 2015

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PAULINA — St. Peter Chanel School students enjoy learning about science in all grade levels.

The PK3 class began the year with discovering all there is to know about pumpkins, with students learning the life cycle of and identifying the plant parts of a pumpkin.

Students guessed whether a small or large pumpkin would have the most seeds, and then checked to see if their hypothesis was correct. Students learned pumpkins have over 500 seeds, and large pumpkins have more seeds.

Students in fifth grade recently learned about chemical reactions.

Students worked through the scientific method to determine the outcome of an experiment, seeing if baking soda and vinegar would inflate a balloon and if they combine white glue, borax and water if it would result in a new slime product.

Students also shared what they learned with other grade levels.

Students in fourth through eighth grades made rockets as part of a 4-H National Science Week project, Rockets to the Rescue. Older students launched for their buddies, then helped them launch on themselves.

Sixth graders Madison Beier and TaLaija Allen helped kindergartener Jaci Anslum launch a rocket.