River Parish arrests reports: 12/29 – 1/7

Published 11:45 pm Friday, January 9, 2015

St. John Parish


Raymond Charles Washington Jr., 37, 152 E. 9th St., Edgard, attachment

Vashon Hampton, 17, 374 Highland Drive, LaPlace, theft by shoplifting – less than $500

Samuel Edward Williams, 41, 421 Fir St., LaPlace, fugitive from St. Tammany Parish

George Hayes Jr., 50, 208 E. 13th St., Reserve, criminal trespass – immovable structure, disturbing the peace – appearing in an intoxicated condition, illegal carrying of weapons

Aubrey White, 55, 2221 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace, careless operation, headlights required, DWI – first offense


Kaleb M. Wallace, 24, 144 E. 28th St., Reserve, attachment (2 cts.)

Lezonia Marsha Jackson, 41, 1944 Longwood Court, LaPlace, attachment, district attorney attachment

Yarnell Randle, 33, 1510 Park Place, Lagrange, Ga., attachment

Bradley Borne, 17, 119 E. 7th St., Edgard, domestic abuse battery

Losand Mansion, 19, 2120 Greenwood Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Eric Gauff, 25, 355 Chad B. Baker St., Reserve, license plate light required, possession of marijuana – first offense, possession of schedule IV, illegal carrying of a weapon with CDS


Jason Kendrick, 25, 2505 Amy Drive, LaPlace, possession of marijuana – first offense

Calvin Riley, 23, 904 Michael Court, LaPlace, attachment

Garrett Cody Burkhalter, 23, 1043 E. Airline Highway, LaPlace, DWI – second offense

Murray Cenac, 32, 1524 Natchez Lane, LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Eugene Webber III, 29, 109 Warwick Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Kyren D. Creecy, 26, 333 St. James Place, LaPlace, attachment

Johnny Bordelon, 23, 82256 Austin St., Folsom, attachment, possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia, fugitive from St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office


Rodney Red, 27, 289 E. 5th St., Edgard, attachment

Kyon A. Pembrook, 26, 420 Little Hope St., Garyville, enter/remain after being forbidden – immovable structure, possession of crack cocaine less than 28 grams, possession of marijuana – first offense, possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice – tampering with evidence, drug traffic loitering, violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances law


Jerry Lee Gaudet Jr., 46, 106 Garden Grove, LaPlace, disturbing the peace – appearing in an intoxicated condition

Britton P. Beeland III, 44, 261 Concord Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Heather Brumfield, 22, 44354 S. Ochsner, Robert, disturbing the peace – engaging in a fistic encounter

Stacy Wayne Massengale, 44, 549 W. Lawson, Destrehan, disturbing the peace – offensive, derisive, annoying words to another

Britton P. Beeland III, 44, 261 Concord Drive, LaPlace, violation of protective orders


Samuel James Cooper, 35, 429 State St., LaPlace, resisting an officer, resisting an officer with force or violence


Sixto M. Jacquez, 38, 1519 1st Ave., Fargo, N.D., disturbing the peace – appearing in an intoxicated condition, fugitive from Shawnee County, Kan.

Mack Authur Small Jr., 35, 3004 Concordia Drive, LaPlace, encouraging child delinquency/dependency/neglect, attachment, theft by shoplifting – less than $500

Patricia Marie Kelson, 21, 501 Monticello Court, LaPlace, attachment, encouraging child delinquency / dependency /neglect

Jason Rodrigue, 35, 136 Kathy Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Latasha Marie Roy, 37, 204 Mockingbird St., St. Rose, attachment, bench warrant

Chris J. Arinder, 45, 165 St. Clara St., New Orleans, attachment

Trelldrieke Favors Foster, 42, 1802 Glendale Drive, LaPlace, theft by shoplifting – less than $500


Brian A. Miller, 21, 317 East Airline highway, LaPlace, attachment, license plate light required

Travis M. Wilkens, 23, 1520 Grant St., LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Terrinika Marckita Green, 23, 104 Hamp St., LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Antonio Sebastian Jones, 33, 147 West 3rd St., LaPlace, judicial judge warrant

Danaye Johnson, 18, 2820 Concordia Drive, LaPlace, theft by shoplifting – less than $500

Eloise Gale, 55, 1284 Collins St., Vacherie, justice of the peace warrant

Marl Dayne Noel, 18, 1624 Jackson Ave., LaPlace, resisting an officer, sale/distribution or possession of legend drug without prescription

Ashaunta D. Gross, 33, 2528 Lionel Washington, Lutcher, attachment


Graylen J. Cook, 20, 265 E. 27th St., Reserve, attachment, sentenced to Department of Corrections

Jalil Green, 18, 2216 Van Arpel Drive, LaPlace, resisting an officer (2 cts.)

Corey Bartholomew, 24, 133 E. 6th St., Edgard, resisting an officer

Darnell Sterling, 28, 1642 Jefferson St., LaPlace, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities

Devin Hebert, 18, 952 Whitlow Court, LaPlace, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities

Richard Lemoine, 37, 148 Church St., Garyville, fugitive from Assumption Parish, judicial judge warrant

St. James Parish

12/29/14 – 1/4/15

Teddy Boudoin, 40, 13247 Palm St., Vacherie, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Shadarrion McKinley, 17, 140 Blackwell Lane, Bellrose, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Derryl Smith Jr., 35, 210 E. Railroad Avenue, Gramercy, misuse of temporary plate, owner to secure registration, driving under suspension, no proof of insurance

Dwayne Jones, 26, 8454 Kingview St., St. James, bench warrant, fugitive for other jurisdiction

James Jeffery, 21, 2155 Perkins St., Vacherie, bench warrant

Gloria Dennis, 42, 7354 Communi St., St. James, resisting an officer, disturbing the peace

Micah Smith, 24, 320 Tania Avenue, Gramercy, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Samantha Vancourt, 33, 6244 Rev. Thomas Scott St., Convent, aggravated battery

Stanford Jackson, 52, 4617 Bethume Drive, Shreveport, operating a vehicle while intoxicated, driving under suspension, no insurance, careless operation

Michael Johnson Jr., 42, 353 Castle Drive, Edgard, illegal carrying of a weapon, possession of schedule I CDS

Misty Truxillo, 25, 530 LA 307, Thibodaux, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Lester McKinley, 57, 6157 Haydel St., Convent, disturbing the peace

William Ray, 61, 10929 LA 1033, Denham Springs, distribution or possession of legend rug without prescription, operating a vehicle while intoxicated

St. Charles Parish


Fred Cortez, 51, 105 Dufrene Lane, Des Allemands, simple burglary


Christopher M. Lymous, 19, 220 White Oak Drive, St. Rose, negligent homicide, reckless operation, no seat belt

Brad J. Poirer, 37, 521 Oak St., St. Rose, DWI, reckless operation, open container

Aaron G. Brown, 58, 56 Diamond Road, Norco, DWI


Jonathan Brown, 17, 218 Monsanto Avenue, Luling, vehicle burglary

Kimberly C. Harper, 45, 518 Apple St., Norco, DWI, reckless operation


Terry A. Smith, 32, 3714 Shangrila Drive, Chalmette, monetary instrument abuse

Maria S. Williams, 57, 465 Sharon Avenue, Boutte, DWI, reckless operation


Beau Wattigney, 29, 8728 24th St., Metairie, DWI, reckless operation, possession of schedule IV


Amanda Champagne, 27, 14965 Old Spanish Trail, Paradis, aggravated battery


Edward Locniskar, 62, 229 East St., Luling, DWI, speeding