Boe: Facts — not predictions — carry more weight

Published 11:45 pm Friday, January 9, 2015

In a recent edition (Jan. 3) of this paper, Mr. Harold Keller made predictions for 2015 spanning from local politics to sports.

I appreciate Mr. Keller honoring me by including me in his vitally important predictions as a supposed candidate for St. John Parish President; but, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a misstatement that appeared in the column. In his predictions, Mr. Keller stated that I did not know whether or not I should live in St. Charles or St. John Parishes. I can only assume this misstatement was made because Mr. Keller didn’t realize that I work in St. Charles Parish while living in St. John Parish.

Let me be clear and emphatically state that my wife and I are residents of LaPlace and also own property in Garyville. I have been a lifelong resident and voter of St. John the Baptist Parish and also own a business located in LaPlace, Invictus Solutions. In addition, my family has owned Buddy B’s Restaurant, located on RiverRoad in Garyville, for over 16 years. I hope this clears things up for Mr. Keller.

However, a person’s physical location only tells part of the story. What the column failed to mention were the multiple ways I have invested my time in improving the River Region and more specifically St. John the Baptist Parish.

As a seven-year board member of the St. John United Way, we led the recovery from Hurricane Isaac. As Secretary of the Garyville Timbermill Museum Association, we have been able to breathe life into the historic heart of Garyville.

As the instructor of the River Region Young Entrepreneurs Academy, I have been honored to assist over 30 of our young people start their own business. As Chief Administrative Officer in St. Charles Parish I fought to keep flood insurance affordable and worked with Parish Presidents St. Pierre, Robottom and Roussel to get the Westshore Levee approved by the Corps.

As the Acting Chief Administrative Officer for St. John Parish, we started the Westbank Farmer’s Market, kickstarted the levee project, fixed LaPlace’s water, built a new Animal Shelter, launched the St. John Historic Redevelopment Plan, created the “Shop St. John” initiative and built the gym in Reserve.

In addition, I have been a member the LaPlace Lions Club for many years and was recently selected as a Duke in the Krewe of DuMonde XXVI.

As a local talent, my wife has donated her time to the River Region Arts and Humanities Council to raise over $25,000 to invest in local artists and programs. For nearly a decade, Courtney and I have donated our time as the emcee and entertainment at the annual Krewe of Allovus Ball and Ascension of Our Lord School Cotillion. Additionally, we have both performed or volunteered at St. John Theatre in Reserve for over 20 years. I could go on; but, I think you get the point.

Mr. Keller, being a self-labeled man of faith, should be able to believe in things that he cannot see, feel or touch. Nevertheless, I invite Mr. Keller and his wonderful wife, a distant cousin of mine, to our home in LaPlace for coffee to discuss local politics and bear witness to our home with his own eyes.

The last bite …

Now that the Carnival Season has officially begun, get ready for King Cake!! I give King Cake 5 (out of 5) crumbs. 

Buddy Boe is a resident of LaPlace and chief administrative officer for St. Charles Parish Government.