Best of the Bobcats take stage

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2014

East St. John Elementary recognized the November Best of the Bobcats, which included, front from left, Logan Patterson, Reginae Williams, Joshlee Diggs, Kanye Watkins, Le’Andre Booth, Jahkydrin Johnson, middle row, Darrell Payne, Haven Sipes, Torrey Shepherd, James Marshall, Garland Mitchell, Kayla Coleman, Destiny Brown, Suquella Peterson, Marcus Whitfield, Errie Cemelien, Avery Belvin, Mario Loranca, Asia Francis, Janii Henry, back row, Daneisha Wilson, Renee White, Khamren Paul, Devin Rico, Jaden Millet, Adriana Jimenez-Pizarro, Jesslyn James, Erriyel Cemelien and Jyren Brackens.