Letter: St. Charles politics rankles some

Published 11:45 pm Friday, October 31, 2014

Dear editor,

The are some elected officials in St. Charles Parish that are trying to lead the people of this parish by the nose to a slaughter.

Greg Champagne (Sheriff), Joel Chaisson (D.A.), Jarvis Lewis (Council Member) and Lance Marino (Clerk of Court) are all elected officials that are using their elected position to manipulate, bully or influence the citizens in this parish.

Champagne has told his staff and deputies who they will vote for and will openly campaign for this person. These deputies have been seen and captured on video and film campaigning in their uniforms, with their guns holstered while on duty.

That is intimidation and bullying of the people in this parish. Joel Chaisson has openly stated what he wants for the parish as if he owns this parish, as if we are too ignorant to not know what we need for ourselves.

Lance Marino and Jarvis Lewis are both being willingly used to back up Champagne and Chaisson. There are other elected officials being sneaky in the background doing what they can to support Champagne and Chaisson, but they aren’t hiding it well. We see everything they are doing!

My focus is that the elected officials are colluding to elect a like-minded person so that they can have more control and power in this parish. They look and sound like babies throwing a temper tantrum, because they are not getting what they want or have been told NO!

We don’t need a puppet in our elected positions in this parish to be manipulated. We, the citizens of this parish, did elect these people into office believing that they would do their best. We, the citizens, can also elect another person to replace them. Elected officials beware because when it is time for their reelection, we, the citizens, will remember this and will actively remind everyone what they did.

Elizabeth Morgan