HAROLD KELLER: Show that every vote counts this Tuesday

Published 11:45 pm Friday, October 31, 2014

Tuesday, Nov. 4 is an important election. Is it the most important election we’ve ever had or will ever have?

No. I’m convinced that every election is the most important election.

I am a registered voter and exercise my right to participate in the democratic process every election. I not only vote, but actually campaign for the candidate that I think will do the best job.

Have I made some bad choices over the years? Without a doubt, but that will never discourage me from expressing my views, because it’s the American way.

I feel sorry for the people who sit on the sidelines, criticize elected officials but never get involved.

I hear many people say that all politicians are crooked. I don’t believe that and, in fact, have met many honorable people who are public servants.

In most elections, less than 50 percent of the registered voters choose not to have a voice. Their main reason for not voting is “my vote won’t make a difference.”

A little closer to home, in St. John Parish over 40 years ago, Mr. Frankie Champagne, the incumbent School Board member from the West Bank, defeated Mr. Milton Cox by one vote. Thirty years ago, Mr. Richard Roussel, the father of Parish President Timmy Roussel, lost his bid for Parish President by two votes.

I believe that every vote is important.

If any of the candidates I vote for Tuesday lose by one vote, I won’t feel guilty, because I did my duty. If one of them wins by one vote, I’ll be proud that mine may have made the difference.

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