WSJ completes Senior Retreat

Published 11:45 pm Friday, October 10, 2014

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PLEASURE BEND — West St. John High held its first Senior Retreat in Pleasure Bend on Sept. 25.

The event was filled with surprises and also was a growth experience for those in attendance, organizers said.

The day began with a power point video version of Pharell Williams’ song, “Happy,” followed by welcome addresses by Councilman Art Smith and School Board Member Russell Jack.

Elizabeth Johnson presented a statement of purpose, which related goals and expectations for the group.

This was followed by the ABCs of Life, which is a unique, original piece by Deacon Warren Pierre.

Eula Young, Angell Sterling and Silas Cook reenacted a biblical story.

The seniors then went on an Emmaeus walk, where they talked with a partner about life’s challenges and future  goals.

A boat ride down the bayous of Pleasure Bend followed, as students experienced views from Lake Des Allemands.

Lunch was prepared on the site by Charmaine Robiskie.

The evening activities included “Passport to Success” on writing a resume, led by Jane Boodie.

The day’s activities closed with a panel discussion asking the seniors “Hey! What’s up?” discussing their concerns on issues dealing with their senior-year choices moderated by Veda Bailey with Larry Sorapur, Clyde Legaux, Silas Cook and Gary Watson serving as panel members.

Students discussed leaving early, parental involvement, setting goals, choosing a college, entering the work force and interpreting ACT scores.

The wrap-up session was led by Nora Pierre.