River Region Arrest Reports: 9/22 – 10/5

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, October 7, 2014

St. John Parish


Luis Alberto Nunez, 41, 113 Country Morning Court, Lafayette, judicial judge warrant

Gerald G. Gaudia, 43, 285 W. 13th St., Vacherie, fugitive from St. James Parish

Jason Anderson, 21, 466 Marino Drive, Norco, possession of cannabinoids/synthetic marijuana

Malik R. Aleem, 45, 2005 N. Sugar Ridge Drive, LaPlace, fugitive from St. James Parish

Quad A. Howard, 21, 194 W. 5th St., Vacherie, attachment (2 cts.)

Jai Joseph Gibson, 43, 9220 Paula Lane, Westwego, judicial judge warrant


Kejuan J. Francois, 22, 200 E. 23rd St., Reserve, attachment

William Green III, 29, 113 Young Court, Edgard, attachment (4 cts.)

David Leonard, 38, 4843 Citrus Drive, New Orleans, attachment (2 cts.), bench warrant, probation officer warrant

John Eric Miles, 24, 604 Cardinal Drive, LaPlace, battery of a police officer, possession of marijuana – first offense, resisting an officer

Orlando Michael White, 25, 2609 Richland, Kenner, attachment

Chevy Lane LaFountain, 23, 154 W. 18th St., Reserve, fugitive warrant, possession with intent to distribute synthetic marijuana

Warren E. Johnson, 56, 344 Chad Baker St., Reserve, battery of a police officer, flight from an officer, disturbing the peace – offensive, derisive, annoying words to another


Wilbur Micheal Dominque Jr., 22, 1513 Cambridge Drive, LaPlace, possession of cannabinoids/synthetic marijuana

Raydell Duhe Jr., 32, 263 Sherman Walker St., LaPlace, attachment

Henry Smith, 40, 45 Dianne Place, St. Rose, attachment

David Alfred, 19, 1804 Cartier Drive, LaPlace, aggravated arson – inhabited dwelling

Kenneth Tassin, 20, 72 Moss Drive, LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Jaleel Washington, 17, 136 Central Avenue, Edgard, disturbing the peace – engaging in a fistic encounter

Verna Marie Johnston, 40, 1106 Cardinal Drive, LaPlace, theft by shoplifting – less than $500

Perry Sabrina Alexis, 26, 128 W. Second St., LaPlace, reckless operation of a vehicle


Wilkaman Nunnery, 20, 290 South St., Ponchatoula, hold for Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office

Cody Barragan, 27, 1985 Tay Drive, Zachary, judicial judge warrant

Ellis Carey, 22, 2031 South Gulf View, LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Bernard Tassin III, 33, 8897 Richmond Drive, LaPlace, cruelty to juveniles with force/violence

Kyron Watkins, 26, 2709 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace, resisting an officer, attachment, possession of cannabinoids/synthetic marijuana

Jacquel Michael Cosey, 20, 1040 Whitlow Court, LaPlace, theft under $500, resisting an officer

Lakron Market Scott, 24, 236 Cynthia Court, Reserve, attachment (2 cts.), fugitive warrant issued by Ascension Parish

Kyron M. Mitchell, 20, 157 Capt. G. Bourgeois St., LaPlace, fugitive warrant issued by East Baton Rouge Parish

Lawrence C. McDaniels, 45, 2404 Williamsburg Drive, LaPlace, judicial judge warrant

Antoine P. Guillory, 23, 336 E. 24th St., Reserve, limitations on backing, license plate light required, possession of marijuana – first offense

Freddie Rindell James, 26, 192 E. 24th St., Reserve, distribution of cannabinoids/synthetic marijuana

Lakeedra Lewis, 20, 128 L&L Court, Edgard, simple battery


Rebecca Scurlock, 30, 405 Regala Park, Reserve, creation or operation of a clandestine laboratory for the unlawful manufacture of a CDS (6 cts.), possession of marijuana – first offense, possession of methamphetamine less than 28 grams, violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances law, possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia

David Allen Cole, 34, 405 Regala Park, Reserve, creation or operation of a clandestine laboratory for the unlawful manufacture of a CDS (6 cts.), possession of marijuana – first offense, possession of methamphetamine less than 28 grams, violation of uniform controlled dangerous substances law, possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia, bench warrant

Treshawn Lewis, 39, 128 L & L Court, Edgard, simple battery

Jason J. Keller Jr., 31, 1408 Van Arple Drive, LaPlace, domestic abuse battery

Lori Monsour Lesaicherre, 51, 1304 Ridgefield Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Charlotte Hodge, 18, 1432 Yorktowne Drive, LaPlace, attachment

Glenn Jenkins, 49, 420 Boutte Estate, Boutte, reckless operation of a vehicle, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles, criminal sanctions for operating motor vehicle not covered by security

Justin Chambers, 28, 11636 Chipola Park Road, Kinard, Fla., DWI – first offense, required position and method of turning at intersections, vehicle registration expired, safety belt use – tags indicating exemption


Pattie G. Ancona, 71, 409 W. 5th St., LaPlace, DWI – first offense, obedience to police officers, weights and standards police

Anthony Terrell, 49, 13170 Dutchtown Point Avenue, Gonzales, attachment

Kenneth McKee, 55, 8805 Roman Court, Louisville, Ky., DWI – first offense

David Goss, 37, 8893 Richmond Drive, LaPlace, reckless operation of a vehicle, headlamps for motor vehicles and motorcycles, no drivers license on person, DWI – first offense

Robert Kendell Ezidore, 32, 217 S. Hickory St., Gramercy, fugitive warrant for St. James Parish Sheriffs Office

Kevin S. Cockrell, 32, 428 Lacour Drive, LaPlace, fugitive warrant for Kenner PD

Carl Johnson Jr., 30, 267 Melius Drive, Reserve, attachment

Malcolm McKarry, 50, 500 Fife Lane, LaPlace, DWI – first offense


Alabophilip Derefaka, 60, 1300 Cambridge Drive, LaPlace, general speed law, reckless operation of a vehicle, DWI – first offense

Kody J. Duhe, 22, 130 Historic East St., Garyville, attachment (3 cts.)

Juan Carlos Parrilla, 23, 220 Lil Hope St., Garyville, attachment

Keith Smith, 46, 154 E. 13th St., Reserve, criminal sanctions for operation motor vehicle not covered by security, driver must be licensed, reckless operation of a vehicle, bench warrant, DWI – second offense

St. James Parish

9/22/14 – 9/28/14

Darnell Robertson Sr., 48, 234 Lionel Washington St., Luther, second-degree murder, carrying of a firearm by convicted felon

Burnell Gordon, 33, 2445 Central St., Lutcher, turning movements and required signals, stop signs and yield signs, possession of marijuana – third offense, driving under suspension, prohibited acts/drug paraphernalia

Emanie Anderson, 21, 4869 W. Greenridge Drive, Baton Rouge, bench warrant

Jonathan Robertson, 25, 1582 E. Second St., Gramercy, simple battery, telecommunications harassment

Jarrad Williams, 33, 1580 Second St., Gramercy, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Jodisy Gibson, 22, 2320 Perkins St., Vacherie, simple burglary

Kyron Carr, 27, 1606 East First, Gramercy, monetary instrument abuse, attempted monetary instrument

Robert Taylor, 50, 2238 Alexander St., Lutcher, simple battery, aggravated assault

9/29/14 – 10/5/14

Robert Ezidore, 32, 2337 N. Exchange Alley, Lutcher, bench warrant

Troy Samuels, 31, 104 Oakridge Avenue, Donaldsonville, switched plates, driving under suspension, careless operation, bench warrant (2 cts.)

Caron Michael, 21, 10030 Karen St., Baton Rouge, bench warrant, prohibited acts – schedule I CDS

Bill Green Jr., 50, 10140 Golden Gate St., Convent, domestic abuse battery

Fabian Perez, 26, 25179 D. Hutchinson Road, Holden, operating vehicle under suspension for prior offense, littering prohibited, driver must be licensed

Rodney James, 48, 2314 Chicago Drive, Vacherie, domestic abuse battery

Jessica Thomas 27, 2327 N. Central St., Lutcher, theft

Darnell Williams, 18, 2225 Levy Gaudet St., Lutcher, aggravated assault

William McCahill, 44, 5559 River Road, Convent, simple battery, criminal damage to property

Quenton Bolding, 38, 6150 Babin Wilson St., Convent, bench warrant

Brent Poche, 34, 5653 La. Highway 18, Vacherie, aggravated battery, simple battery, aggravated assault (2 cts.)

Dana Banks, 39, 9237 Ester St., Convent, bench warrant, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Ryne Mashia, 55, 173 Post St., Killona, fugitive for other jurisdiction, illegal possession of stolen things

Cory Toomer, 27, 14150 Christian Acres Road, Grand Bay, Ala., domestic abuse battery, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Gerald Gaudia, 43, 285 W. 13th St., Vacherie, fugitive for other jurisdiction, telecommunications harassment

Jerrelle Butler, 22, 1518 S. Stacey Ave., Gonzales, fugitive for other jurisdiction

Charles Brown, 59, 2675 N. Courseault St., Lutcher, criminal trespass

Crystal Jackson, 33, 164 Clement St., Destrehan, bench warrant

Latoya Boyd, 23, 131 Grisaffe Lane, Belle Rose, bench warrant (2 cts.)

Derek LaGraize, 25, 1344 Highway 20, Thibodaux, possession of schedule I CDS

April Steib, 39, 13074 N. Peach St., Vacherie, expired drivers license, headlamps on motor vehicles/motorcycles, improper lane usage, operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Najee Davis, 17, 19950 La. 644, Vacherie, violation of CDS – drug free zone, prohibited acts – schedule I CDS

St. Charles Parish


Joel J. Faucheux Jr., 54, 16810 Lena Lane, French Settlement, DWI, reckless operation, passing on shoulder, aggravated assault with firearm

Michael Dennis Jr., 41, 1112 S. Causeway Blvd., Metairie, second degree battery


Jeremy P. Laque, 29, 139 Cottage Drive, Luling, DWI, proper control of vehicle


Lloyd Harris, 34, 14423 LA 631, Paradis, DWI, hit and run, following too close, driver not licensed


Norman Singleton III, 41, 187 Allen Drive, Ama, DWI, operating under prior suspension, reckless operation

Laroy O. Cage, 25, 2711 Tupelo St., Kenner, monetary instrument abuse


Dustin L. Kelley, 30, 30110 Boss Stuart Road, Hammond, DWI, driving roadway laned for traffic