Keller: Compassion needed in wake of Destrehan scandal

Published 5:18 pm Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sunday morning, I stopped at the Shell station in LaPlace to get a newspaper. As the cashier handed me the newspaper, she said, “I’m tired of reading about the sex scandal at Destrehan High School!”

“I am too, but believe me; the public can’t get enough of it.”

The more the media describes it in detail, the better reading it makes. It made the national news and even host Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show took advantage of it last week.  

On the local scene, there have been many crude jokes, and some consisted of being envious of the teenager involved in the affair.  

I overheard one man in his early 30s say, “I’ve dreamed many times of being in that situation.” I hope he isn’t married and has children.  

I, like most people, consider the news as sick as anything I’ve heard.  

The reaction of many people is what grieves me the most. Without a doubt, I know that the teachers and the 16-year-old committed an evil act that offended God.

I’m reminded of what I heard years ago: “We hate other people’s sin, but we can justify ours.”

My heart goes out to the families of the people involved.

One of the teachers has three children. Her father is a prominent public official and a friend of mine.

I know very little about the other teacher, but am sure she has a family that loves her and is hurting.

According to the news release, the young boy brags about his conquest.  He reminds me of Proverbs 14:9, “Fools make a mock of sin.”

When things like this happen we have a choice to either condemn or have compassion.

As a Christian, I choose to have compassion for the people most affected.


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