KELLER: It’s never too late to route yourself to Heaven

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last week, a friend of mine asked if I ever think about death. I answered that at my age, I’m reminded every day as I read the death notices. Most of the people who recently passed away with whom I was familiar were all younger that me.

His next question was, “Are you afraid to die?”

“Not really. I’m ready, but I’m not willing to volunteer.”

Many people don’t like talking about death. My wife is one of them. I know when the time comes, she will handle it with a peace, knowing where she will spend eternity.  

Because she really doesn’t like the subject, I never bring it up.  That’s one decision I let her make.

I’ll never forget a couple of years ago when I was washing the dishes and she came by me and said, “You’ll never know how much I’ve always loved you.” I, like most men, get a little nervous at a moment like that, because I don’t think we can love like women do.

She then added, “I hope I die before you.”  

“Me, too!”  

Surprised, she said, “You didn’t have to say that!”

I tried to explain if that was her desire, who am I to interfere with her wishes. Needless to say, she hasn’t brought up the subject since then.

The Bible says it’s appointed a time for us to be born and a time to die. The physical death only ends our probation period on this earth. When people tell me they wish they could live forever, I always say, “You will!”  “Your spirit will live for eternity, either in Heaven or Hell.”

As I witness to people, the most important question I ask is, “If you were to die today, where would you spend eternity, Heaven or Hell?” I’m amazed at some of the answers I get. Some say it’s up to God. Others say they hope to go to Heaven. Still a few will name another place that’s not mentioned in the Bible. Born-again Christians say, convincingly, Heaven!”

You would be surprised how many people, especially young ones, say, “I’d go to Hell!”  

“At least you know where you’re going, but you can change directions at any time, including now. It’s your choice.” I then share with them the simplicity of a born-again experience, which leads to salvation. 


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