LOOKS BRIGHT: Brothers pitch in with Isaac recovery

Published 11:45 pm Friday, August 29, 2014

By Monique Roth

LAPLACE — Two years ago today, houses in St. John the Baptist Parish were flooding due to the persistent rain from and water inundation due to Hurricane Isaac.

When the rain finally subsided and water slowly started creeping down drains and out of domiciles, the widespread damage meant more than 7,000 homes in St. John Parish sustained damaged from the storm.

Search and rescue efforts lasted for 48 hours with more than 6,000 residents rescued from flooded areas and 3,900 residents housed in shelters immediately after the storm.

Those blessed enough to not have received damage clamored to volunteer in clean up, rescue and recovery efforts. Among the people eager to assist were two LaPlace residents on their bicycles.

Brothers William and Bryce Ledet were both students, in seventh grade and sixth grade respectively, at John L. Ory Magnet School at the time of Hurricane Isaac’s impact. Their mother Christina Ledet said her sons immediately sprang into action and onto their bikes to help relatives and neighbors who lived nearby.

“They needed help and they didn’t have many kids that could help,” Bryce said. “Our house wasn’t damaged so we didn’t have to help at home. I was happy to be able to do things and help.”

William agreed, saying he was happy to share God’s love with others through helping them recover.

“Just that little bit of time can make somebody’s day,” William said. “It can open their heart and make them feel like someone cares about them.”

The brothers also assisted in recovery efforts at the church they attend, Living Way Pentecostal in LaPlace. Bryce said they were able to help a team pressure wash the exterior of the building and repair a shed’s roof, among other things.

“I have been able to use some of the skills I learned when helping the church to help my family and other people in my neighborhood,” Bryce said. “These skills have helped me to learn how to be responsible as a man and help my family.”

The brothers say they like to help people whenever they can, including handing out food and supplies to any homeless people they come across in St. John Parish or when visiting New Orleans. 

“Any task that is given to these young men is always carried out to completion,” JLO Principal Christal Sylvain said. “I believe their experience during Hurricane Isaac has helped them to better understand the importance of helping others. They are truly youth leaders in this area.”