Gramercy Magnet expansion supported

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2014

By Stephen Hemelt

LUTCHER — Support is growing among St. James Parish community members and school leaders for an expanded Gramercy Magnet.

During a recent school board meeting, District 7 school board member Richard Reulet Jr. told superintendent Lonnie Luce parents had been contacting him in recent months, asking if there was any chance of the school district going to the 12th grade with the magnet school.

“I think it would be a good thing to look into,” Reulet said.

Luce said when the new St. James Parish School Board is seated following this fall’s elections, he also wants to revisit the issue of an expanded magnet school.

“As the board has discussed, and I recommended it, (I could see) going to a high school magnet (school) that would move forward from Gramercy,” Luce said.

Luce said questions remain as to if the additional grades and students would be located at St. James High School, Lutcher High School or elsewhere.

Gramercy Magnet officials said the school has approximately 320 students this school year and houses pre-kindergarten through sixth grades.

“I recommend that we do offer a performing arts magnet that goes all the way through high school,” Luce said during his closing remarks at this month’s first school board meeting.