Poche Medical goes electronic

Published 11:45 pm Friday, August 8, 2014

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LUTCHER — Poche Medical Clinic, led by doctors Jerry and Randall Poche, recently upgraded technology which automates processes and creates electronic patient records in an effort to offer patients more integrated, efficient care. 

The updated technology utilizes cutting-edge, secure software to maintain medical records—known as an electronic health record. 

Less time is needed to prep charts, locate information and update patient records. Scheduling appointments is also quicker and easier.

In addition, prescriptions are now electronic and sent directly to each patient’s pharmacy. In the next stage of the upgrade, patients will have secure online access to their patient records making this information available whenever and wherever it is needed. 

Staff members and physicians began implementing the upgraded technology upon moving to their new location in David Reynaud Medical Plaza, located on the same campus as St. James Parish Hospital.

In order to assure a quality experience throughout the implementation of each new process, appointment volumes were temporarily reduced.