St. John approves host of parks upgrades

Published 11:45 pm Friday, July 25, 2014

By Monique Roth

LAPLACE — New play sets, benches, fitness stations and even a spray park are set to become permanent fixtures in the parks located throughout St. John the Baptist Parish.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the St. John Parish Finance Committee approved a $229,118 agreement between parish administration and Meyer Engineers Ltd. for the design, construction, administration and inspection services for over $2.5 million in improvements to parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities recommended in the 2013 Parks Master Plan.

The Parks Master Plan was completed by Meyer Engineers and includes upgrades, repairs and improvements to each park and the proposed costs for each project. Over 40 projects, all funded through the 2014 bond issue, are included in the plan.

Councilman for District IV Marvin Perrilloux said the list of improvements was compiled with residents’ input in mind, and the money is being spent to make the parish parks nicer places for families to spend time.

“It’s all about the children,” Perrilloux said about the improvements.

A new spray park, as well as two new play sets, are included in the additions for Regala Park.

Fitness stations are slated for Highway 51 Park, as well as a dog park and $14,000 earmarked to refurbish the restrooms at the facility. The park is set to receive other improvements as well.

Ezekial Jackson Park is set to receive a new play set, as well as over $200,000 dedicated to an airnasium, lights and electrical services at the site and other upgrades.

As well as other additions, two gazebos are included in plans for Belle Pointe Park. One gazebo, as well as other additions, was included in the plans for the Reserve Boat Launch and Stephanie Wilking Park.

A new play set, softile surfaces for existing play equipment and other plans are in the works for Greenwood Park, while Cambridge Park is set to receive several additions, including a gazebo and a bathroom building.

Emily C. Watkins Park will be upgraded with fitness stations and a new play set, while the Peavine Boat Launch will receive benches and an asphalt parking lot.

The West Bank Complex, Harold Scott Roussel Park and Wallace Bridge Park will each receive a new play set.

The West Bank Complex will receive two gazebos as well.

Finance Committee Chairman Larry Snyder said the committee would make sure Meyer Engineers completed the projects in a timely and satisfactory manner, and that all money allotted for the project was being spent wisely.

The Parks Master Plan, which includes the complete list of the parks’ upgrades, can be viewed at by clicking on “Government” and then “Parks and Recreation.”