St. James Parish arrests: 7/7/14 – 7/13/14

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clay Raymond, 39, 2457 W. Lebray St., Lutcher, possession of schedule I CDS, operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Markale Williams, 27, 901 Pine St., Donaldsonville, bench warrant

Elizabeth Triggs, 42, 242 West A St., Wallace, bench warrants (2 cts.)

Jaxon Roussel, 19, 4282 Belmont Lane, Hester, simple assault, disturbing the peace

Tammy Green, 49, 10140 Golden Gate St., Convent, simple assault

Chris Leblanc, 40, 10570 Legion St., Convent, careless operation, driver must be licensed, expired MVI sticker, possession of alcoholic beverage in vehicle

Donovan Oubre, 50, 19474 Lemon St., Vacherie, driving under suspension, switched plates, no proof of insurance, expired driver’s license, owner to secure registration

Latoya Reese, 21, 425 Marvin Gordon St., LaPlace, aggravated battery, aggravated assault

Frank Hill, 34, 9186 Central Project St., Convent, bench warrant

James Wiggins Jr., 46, 2402 Lionel Washington St., Lutcher, simple burglary, attempted bank fraud (3 cts.), parole violation (3 cts.), resisting an officer, forgery, bank fraud

John Celestine, 43, 8303 Pecan St., St. James, first degree murder

Eliska Green, 35, 3166 Mt. Bethal Lane, Donaldsonville, expired drivers license, maximum speed limit, driving under suspension

Nicholas Lasseigne IV, 25, 3802 W. Longview Road, Paulina, bench warrant (2 cts.)

Brian Breland, 55, 65544 Poche Plantation, Convent, molestation of a juvenile, indecent behavior with juvenile

Jerome Franklin, 56, 2317 N. Courseault St., Lutcher, illegal possession of stolen things, forgery (2 cts.)