Don’t hold our children back for athletics

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This article is intended to get the attention of overly ambitious fathers who hope to give their children an edge in athletics.

Most of them put athletics ahead of academics.

One of the decisions they make is to hold their child back in elementary school. Regardless of the child’s intelligence and ability to learn, they are made to repeat a grade before high school.

I’ll admit that an athlete a year older as a senior will have an advantage.

I was motivated to write about this practice this week when a friend of mine said, “I can’t wait for football season!”

My thoughts went back to two local athletes from Reserve.

They both went to St. Peter School and graduated from Leon Godchaux High School at the age of 17. After graduation, they both received football scholarships to attend college.

One of them is A. J. Duhe, who played for the Tigers in Baton Rouge and the other is Louis Lipps, who went to the University of Southern Mississippi.

They played four years of college football and completed their college eligibility at the age of 21.

Both were high draft picks in the NFL — A. J. Duhe went to the Miami Dolphins and Louis Lipps became a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In their first year of pro-ball, they were both voted NFL Rookie of the Year.

The point I’m making is neither was held back. Evidently, their God-given ability and their strong work ethics allowed them to be successful in the sports world.

When speaking to athletic teams, I enjoy sharing this story, not only because I had the opportunity to see both of them participate in sports at a young age, but because no one can create a champion.

It has to come from within the individual.


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