Letter to the Editor: Speeders causing havoc on St. Andrews

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ah, the beginning of summer, 2014.

I was run off the bike path on St. Andrews (Saturday) morning on my way to trim crepe myrtles, just before 6 a.m., in the daylight.

The person driving a small, blue, SUV-type vehicle was either asleep at the wheel or looking at his phone. His car was an inch from the street curb, a good two-three feet over the bike path lane marking. It happened so fast that I couldn’t see his license plate and I was very shaken. I had to go off the path onto someone’s lawn to escape being killed.

I realize you cannot regulate morons who have phones and eyeballs, and that is not the reason for this missive. The reason is that the number of speeders on St. Andrews has not declined one iota despite claims that tickets are being issued.

I could count on LESS than one hand the number of vehicles that came close to the speed limit this morning, a Saturday at 6 a.m.

Why is nothing being done, more routinely, on this issue which is raised time and time again?

Carl Hilt and I, at great physical peril, get out there and trim these trees as often as needed. The parish does not pay for this.

Down the road they may have to consider adding it to the contract, which will soon be let for public grass cutting, as amazingly we don’t have the right type of criminal to care for our public areas.

I am no spring chicken and I am no skinny minny or perhaps I could have caught up with the idiot who ran me off the road. Had I caught up with him, I may have wound up a member of Harold Keller’s prison group, also seeking a $100 bill (for my defense) from Mr. Hubbard.

There are wonderful citizens in this community who go above and beyond the call for community service — trimming trees, picking up trash, delivering Civic Association newsletters, etc. — how about we protect some of them?

Darlene Guichard, LaPlace