Day after flooding, more rain expected

Published 7:51 am Monday, June 23, 2014

LAPLACE — Residents in LaPlace could face similar rainfall today as Sunday, when two to three inches fell in a short period of time, flooding streets in the city.

Residents reported on L’OBSERVATEUR’s Facebook page that flooding took place in the Carrollwood subdivision and around Acadia Drive, Carmel Valley and Shady Nook.

Michael Hill, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Slidell, said Sunday’s thunderstorm was slow moving and dumped a lot of rainfall between 2 and 5 p.m.

“Some places might have picked up around two inches,” he said. “We have a good shot again today (of more rainfall).”

“Today is going to look like (Sunday), where you got a good pop-up thunderstorm. If you get some heavy rain with it and it sits over the area, you could pick up a quick two, three inches. It’s not really anything out of the ordinary this time of the year to get a heavy pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoon.”

Hill said the weather service expects the rain chance to be elevated today and Tuesday, “for the most part with a 40- to 60-percent chance of rain in the afternoon.”

St. John the Baptist Parish officials advise residents to call 911 to report any issues or concerns, including drainage, sewer, flooding, fire. By going through the 911 system, it allows the issue to be properly documented and then someone (depending on concern) to be properly dispatched to alleviate it.