Cell phones connect to all but most important

Published 11:45 pm Friday, June 13, 2014

The cell phone: this electronic modern marvel has taken over the world unlike anything we have ever seen.

It is a multi-billion dollar business. It has forever changed the way we talk to one another. It has provided jobs for millions of workers.

Can you count how many people have cell phones? Can you guess the age of users?

I have seen children as young as 6 and older people as old as 90 using cell phones.

It is a safety net for our children. It is a peace of mind for those who travel. It is a must have for business workers.

It can call someone almost anywhere in the world. It has apps that are useful for almost anything. You can find the answers to almost any subject.

There are some cell phones called smart phones. Imagine that! They are mini computers. They can do the same things that our computers do.

They have high tech games that are mind boggling. You can store phone numbers and information on anybody you want. You can call the numbers straight off of these stored phone numbers as well as sending emails and text messages.

But these smart phones have one thing they will never do. That is talking to God. That communication is exclusively saved for us. Take that smart phones!

James J. Poche Jr.