St. John Theatre hosting voice acting class

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Reserve — Have you ever wondered how animated series or movies are voiced?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about acting or a serious career in acting?

Do you want to know more about tricks in vocal presentation?

Do you need help with polishing up your public speaking abilities?

St. John Theatre is proud to host its third annual Voice Acting workshop next week on May 31.

Well-known actors in the anime industry, Todd Haberkorn and Kent Williams will present this one-day extensive workshop.

Their vocal talents can be heard in the popular animated series, “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood,” “Sgt. Frog,” “Soul Eater,” “D. Grayrnan,” “Ouran High School Host Club,” ‘Tri-gun Badlands Rumble” and, most recently, “Fairy Tail.”

The full-day workshop will instruct participants in theater exercises such as vocal, physical and improvisation, script work, characterization and scene work.

They will offer audition techniques for stage and voice overs, radio drama and demonstrations with a live dubbing session of an anime series courtesy of FUNImation Studios.

Cost of the event is $50 per person for a full day presentation from noon to 6 p.m. with a 45-minute lunch break.

Concessions will be available for drinks and snacks.

To register, visit and pay via Paypal. Participants will be allowed to register at the door, but why wait?

Register early, and bring a friend.

St. John Theatre is located 115 W. 4th St. in Reserve. Call 985-536-6630 or 985-535-6630.

For more information contact Suzette Hullette at