Take a mission trip in your community

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Every year, the churches in America spend millions of dollars sending thousands of their mem- bers as missionaries to other coun- tries. I believe this is an important function of the church and we should support and encourage its practice. The one concern I have is that as we act globally, we seem to be neglecting our responsibility locally.

Years ago, a church in north Louisiana had a sign as you left the parking lot which read: “You are now entering the most important mission field.”

Billy Graham, one of the most

respected and influential evan- gelists in my life- time, warned us in November 2013, as he celebrated his 95th birthday, that America as we have known it –– a nation rooted in Biblical values –– will be a thing of the past. He said that during his lifetime, he has had the privilege of seeing God move across America in a power-

ful way and yet we have seen our nation steadily sliding into moral and spiritual ruin.

Talking about the condition of the country makes us aware of the problems, but what’s the solution?

As a Christian, we need to share the Good News of God’s Word with the people in our community.

According to Christian research, here’s the reality of the typical American community with 100 average neighbors:

• 7 struggle with depression, some consider suicide.

• 14 feel crippled or trapped by fear and anxiety.

• 8 abuse or are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

• 8 are struggling with the loss of a job.

• 3 are grieving the death of a loved one.

• 60 don’t profess to be born- again.

As we look at these figures, each of us is on a mission trip. Are you doing your share of reaching out to your community?

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