Ascension of Our Lord School presents Rapunzel

Published 2:37 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Forty-seven students at Ascension of Our Lord School participated in the Missoula Children’s Theatre Workshop.

Led by tour staff Eli Halterman and Laura Barron, students in kindergarten through eighth grade participated in a week long workshop which included auditions and rehearsals that culminated in a full-length musical production of Rapunzel.

The main characters included Kelly Campbell as Tower Rapunzel, Maggie Mor-ton as Room Rapun—-zel, Claude Hill III as Prince 1, Dominic Joseph as Prince 2, Grace Richoux as Madame Gothel, Ishaan Iyer as Maurice and Makayla Chaney as Monique.

Other cast members were Sarah Grosse, Melody Newsome, Hailey Hilbun, and 

Sanai Smith as wood elves; Mary Hijaz and Alani Dew as ears of corn; Emily Ronnenburg as potato; Amie Lewis and Aimee Dauenhauer as unicorns; Morghen Cosse, Brooke Ronnenburg, Ava Palmisano, Made-lyn Gilbert and Kyndal Bolden as pixies; Lily Bordelon, Daniel Joseph, Katherine Bergeron and Jalaya Perkins as gremlins; Jasmine Williams as troll; Trinity Hebert, Aysia Brown and Jorian Welch as billy goats gruff; Ashlyn Woods, Kailyn Woods, Hannah Ohlsson and Torie Joseph as ogres; Caylee Dre-xel as fun gus and Katherine Chapman, Gabby Matar, Logan Grayman, Dylahn Hall, Erik Ohlsson, Adele Cooper, Caroline Engeron, Elizabeth Webb, Skylar Southall, Janivy Ayestes, Knia Senauth, Luke Bordelon and Donald Joseph as mushrooms. The accompanist was Kristen Brooks.

The workshop was made possible through a partial grant from the Arts Council of New Orleans.