Tips to Get Your Family Ready for Summer Fun

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 28, 2014

(StatePoint) Whether you will be taking a road trip or simply hitting a pool or water park this season, creating family fun is all about being prepared.

“Make sure you have everything you need to keep the kids entertained, happy and safe. There are lots of resources available online to help you plan,” says Emily “The Travel Mom” Kaufman, a family travel expert, author and blogger.

To help busy parents prepare for their upcoming trips and enjoy a fun-filled vacation, Kaufman is offering these helpful tips:

• Choose Your Location Wisely: When choosing your vacation spot, make certain you visit kid-friendly destinations. Look for pools with separate water play areas for baby swimming. Sometimes big kids can be overwhelming to the little guys. If you are visiting theme parks with characters, introduce your children slowly, they may be scared.

• Poolside Prep: Pack your swim bags early and often with all the swimming supplies you might need, including: towels, sunscreen, toys, snacks and swimpants.

For worry-free water play, try Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants, which feature easy open sides that make changing a breeze and provide easy disposal. Special leak guards made for water help protect against messes and stretchy sides give a comfortable fit, in and out of the water. More information can be found at

• Bring the Right Supplies: Make road trips fun with a bag full of surprises. Hang a travel cosmetic case from the seatback in front of where your child is seated, filled with age-appropriate activities and snacks.  Add games, books, dolls and create a playlist of their favorite songs. If flying, bring everything you might need for 24 hours, just in case. This includes medication, a change of clothes, snacks and games. Don’t forget headphones, so other passengers don’t have to share your child’s video sing-along.

• Protect from the Sun: Hydrate often, use sunscreen throughout the day and protect children with sun umbrellas, t-shirts and hats. Children’s eyes are much more sensitive than adults, so sunglasses are a good idea at the beach and pool.

• Keep Routines: Babies are creatures of habit. Try sticking to routines for meals, bed and bath time. Try not to schedule too much in a day to avoid overtired little ones. Make bedtime easier for yourself by bringing along that special object of affection. Having their own blanket or toy will bring familiarity to a new place.

Planning family travel can be stressful but will ultimately be a time you look back on fondly with pictures and memories.