Take advantage of Easter Sunday

Published 1:46 pm Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and what a wonderful time it is to live in the River Parishes.

Nestled between two mammoth festival weekends in New Orleans, the day offers the perfect setting for some quiet reflection on the meaning of the day. But it also provides the opportunity for families to gather in celebration before the craziness of the end of school begins.

Many bemoan the commercialization of Easter, but as long as the candy and egg hunts are tempered with a little education, they do not detract but rather enhance the holiday.

Church is no child’s favorite place, so by building other associations within them, parents are ensuring a lifelong love of the spirit of the day. Also, perhaps more than any other holiday, Easter can build familial ties as it is less child-centric than Christmas and generally does not dissolve into a booze-soaked evening as other holidays can.

So tomorrow hide those eggs and gather the family to celebrate this season of rebirth under a blue sky surrounded by the beautiful spring colors of south Louisiana. Make it a time your children and grandchildren will truly never forget.