It’s always a good time for a better you

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twice a year, we adjust our clocks to conform to daylight saving time. In the fall, we set the clock back one hour. In the spring, we make up that hour and spring forward.  

It might be a good idea for all of us to consider springing toward a new life. Many people make New Year’s resolutions that are soon forgotten. The main reason is that most resolutions are made without much thought, fewer convictions, and without an unselfish goal to become the godly person we were created to be.  

As I approach my 80th birthday, I’m grateful for the life I’ve had. God’s been good to me! Maybe it’s time I start being good to Him!  

Is it too late in my life to spring toward a better me? No, because I know God loves me just as I am, but He wants me to be more like His Son, Jesus. If I yield to His will for my life, I will not only be a better me, but a more loving husband and a more positive influence on my family and on the people I meet on my journey toward eternity.

As I take a personal inventory, I realize that I need to improve myself physically. I need to lose a few pounds, eat healthier and continue to exercise. If my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I should take good care of it.  

Spiritually, I’m in better shape now than I’ve ever been but have a long way to go. I need to pray more and read the Bible every day standing on God’s Word. He has the answer to life’s problems and is faithful to deliver His promises of health, prosperity and a long life.

Mentally, I need to be aware of what’s going on around me. I must be aware of the moral condition of my community. I need to be bold, with a compassionate heart to speak out against any injustice or misuse of power by those in authority. The bottom line is that I have to be more active in my walk. If I can make progress in all of these areas, I think God will be pleased. 


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