Enjoying a good baseball game and conversation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday afternoon, I attended a baseball game in Lutcher between St. Charles Catholic and Lutcher. My grandson, Kameron, plays shortstop for St. Charles. We had beaten the Bulldogs twice this year rather easily, and I expected the Comets to register another win.

As I entered the grandstand, I was greeted by Gene Louque, his wife, Jeanne, and son, Gene Jr. They excitedly told me that their grandson, Cameron Guillot, a sophomore, was going to pitch. We chatted before the game and, as always, I enjoyed picking on Gene and his son.

As the game progressed, St. Charles had a hard time generating any offense and failed to score until the sixth inning. With Lutcher leading 2–0, the Comets scored a run and that’s the way the game ended 2–1, with the Louque clan celebrating and excited about Cameron’s performance and getting a victory.  

As usual, during the game I walked around and mingled with the crowd.  

By the end of the game, Jeanne had three of her sisters seated behind them. Mary and her husband, Jeff Nagy, had traveled from Columbus, Miss., to attend the game. Another sister, Diane, and her husband, Terry Poche, were also at the game. Her sister, Doris Forsyth, came later in the fifth inning.

Jeanne’s brother, Leonce, and his wife, Melissa, have a son, Vincent, who is a member of the team.  

During my stroll through the crowd, I visited a couple of times with Sonny Detillier, his wife, Marie, and their daughter, Lori. Sonny’s grandson, Selly Martin, just returned to the starting lineup after having knee surgery. He makes a difference on the team. Sonny brags about his speed when he was young, but Selly is faster.

I also visited with C.J. Brock and his wife, Elaine. Their grandson, Bailey, plays shortstop and pitches. He’s a smooth, confident fielder and handles the bat well.  

After the game, Cameron’s mom, Valerie, came up to me excited and asked how I enjoyed the game. “Your son did a great job!” I replied. She could only smile and say thanks!

I drifted over to say goodbye to the Louque

family, and even though I was a little disappointed that the Comets lost, that feeling didn’t

last long, as I enjoyed experiencing Cameron’s family celebrating his team’s victory with his help.

As I was leaving, I had to take a shot at Gene. I turned to his wife and said, “It appears that all your sisters married well, except you.”

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