Sometimes doors need to be closed

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2014

“She just sits by Monique and Frank’s closed bedroom door and cries. It’s so sad!” Elise was babysitting her niece, Olivia, and called with an update.

She must really have been missing her parents because Olivia usually entertains herself. Watching the 1-year-old is wonderful exercise, for she is rarely still. She roams throughout the house, briefly plays with a toy or two, climbs onto a chair or pulls books off of shelves. Her parents are kept busy childproofing their home by putting dangerous things out her reach, locking cabinets and closing doors to keep her from wandering around getting lost.

I wonder if my Heavenly Father gets tired of childproofing my life? Keeping things that would poison me out of my reach? Closing doors that might cause me to wander away from Him? I hope not. I need those closed doors as much as I need open ones.

When I pray for something, I usually add, “But just keep me in the center of Your will. If it’s not supposed to happen, please close the door.” Then, when God closes the door, I’m disappointed. “But God, I’ve thought about it a lot, and I really think it’s a good idea.” And He doesn’t budge. Oh, He always answers my prayers, but sometimes the answer remains, “No.”

Once a little time has passed, I realize how shortsighted or downright ridiculous my request was, and I am grateful for divine guidance, for fences and refusals and closed doors. Even though I’ve been known to sit by the closed door and cry.

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