Always a way to impact the community

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 1, 2014

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, while residents of St. John the Baptist Parish were busy working, cooking, educating, being educated, shopping or in my case, holding my niece Kerri’s newborn baby girl, Blakely, a man was murdered, his wife shot, and his small business robbed. Because of this callous, cruel and selfish crime, law enforcement initiated a manhunt, nearby schools were put on lockdown and a community began to mourn.

It has been a while since I shopped at the LaPlace Feed Store, the scene of the tragedy. Over the years, it was my source for shots for my dog, local honey and an occasional cowbell needed for cheerleader camp. Owners Steve and Connie Finckbeiner were always helpful, friendly and kind.

Whether or not you are personally connected to the Finckbeiners, this story or St. John Parish, please join me in prayer: for Mrs. Finckbeiner’s continued healing and comfort for her family, for apprehension and prosecution of the criminals and for every citizen to realize their responsibility to their community. Wherever you live, I believe there is some way to make a positive impact through involvement in school, church or civic organizations. In addition, and most importantly, we have both the privilege and duty to pray for our community.

I was happy to hear of the family’s intent to reopen the store, and I plan on returning. I’m pretty sure Blakely needs a duck for Easter.

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